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AusHydro is accelerating the transition to renewables.


Your trusted partner in hydropower engineering. Our team of specialists has extensive experience in designing and leading conventional and pumped hydro projects.

At AusHydro, we combine state-of-the-art software, techniques, and industry best practices to deliver quality and on-time deliverables to our clients. We take pride in our thought leadership and innovative approaches to complex engineering issues.


Design Delivery

AusHydro is a trusted provider of front-end engineering design services for run-of-river, conventional hydro, and pumped storage projects. Our experienced team is dynamic and capable of delivering a wide range of projects, from prospecting to feasibility and reference design.

We focus on delivering high-calibre studies, including options assessments, concept development, feasibility studies, and reference designs.

AusHydro specialises in optimization of hydropower projects to capture maximum value, factoring in layout, capacity, operating rules, and construction methods.

We undertake CFD modelling and transient assessment for both conventional and pumped hydro projects.

Owner’s Engineering

At AusHydro, we provide owner’s engineering services to help our clients successfully deliver their projects. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and tailor our services to help them make informed decisions.

AusHydro provides impartial, specialist advice to help owners navigate technical challenges inherent in hydropower.

We assist in creating tender documentation, owners' requirements, specifications, and reviewing tender documents.

We undertake due diligence assessment of projects, business cases, water licences, concessions, permits, power purchase agreements, tolling agreements, etc.


AusHydro is a leader in hydropower and pumped hydro prospecting, with vast global experience in identifying cost-effective, constructable sites. Prospecting allows a large geographic area to be assessed, resulting in a ranked list of prospects to help developers identify attractive sites.

AusHydro's Hydropower Prospektor, a computer model, identifies and ranks run of river, conventional and pumped hydro opportunities to determine the optimal sites for potential development.

Our tool integrates topographic, hydrologic, civil, mechanical, hydraulic and GIS layers, ensuring credible results. It's regularly updated and cross-checked with real-world data.

Hydropower Prospektor has been successfully implemented in NZ, Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Fiji and Samoa.

Team Experience

Key Projects

Borumba Pumped Hydro (Qld Hydro, QLD)

2,000 MW

Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro (Qld Hydro, QLD)

5,000 MW

Oven Mountain Pumped Hydro (OMPS, NSW)

900 MW

Previous Projects*

Snowy 2.0 Pumped Hydro (Snowy Hydro, NSW)

2,000 MW

Bells Mountain Pumped Hydro (AGL, NSW)

250 MW

Grande Inga Hydropower Project (DRC Congo)

70 GW

Wawa Pumped Hydro (Philippines)

600 MW

Nam Phak Hydro-Electric Project- (Lao, PDR)

128 MW

*Previous project experience includes employment at other companies.

About us

Leaders in innovative design and forward-thinking approaches

Jeremy Kent-Johnston established AusHydro in 2022 with the goal of accelerating the transition to a renewable future. With two decades in hydropower engineering and project management, Jeremy specializes in design, advisory services, due diligence, economics, and management of hydropower projects.

With AusHydro, Jeremy leverages an experienced team of subject matter experts to deliver innovation and new solutions to the field of hydropower.